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Summer bounty is reflected in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes that we offer our local customers.
Summer is a time of plenty. Everything is green, lush and growing. Picking for market and our CSA program is very satisfying work.
The cows enjoy spending long hot summer days out in the fields with the long grass chewing their cud and trying to stay cool.
Summertime means mulching and mulching and more mulching. Everything in the garden gets mulched to help cut down on the weeds.
Summer calves are a real treat as they flourish on rich mother's milk, fresh air, sunshine and lush green grasses.
Truly Free Range Chickens. Out on grass and gardens. Eating lots of protein. Bugs, worms, beetles and greens. Happy chickens!
Summer garlic harvest is a big job and requires many helping hands. Pot luck meals, music and laughter makes the task of harvest, cleaning and hanging go quickly. Everyone loves garlic!
The farm cats enjoy the warm sunshine and a fresh bed of catnip. Happy Cats!
Gardens flourish in the summer months, nurtured by many helping hands.


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2018 Seasonal Field Helpers Wanted

Earth Haven Farm is looking for WWOOF'ers and seasonal field hepers for the remaining few months of this years growing season.

Tomatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash and other field produce.
Help putting away the irrigation system.
Pull stakes off the fields.
 - September through November

Accommodations and meals will be provided.  Food in exchange for work.  This is a great opportunity to connect with the land, the soil, food and the farm.

For more details on this position or other opportunities at Earth Haven Farm including WWOOF Canada, Workaway, -  CLICK HERE or contact Aric.


Farmers always have something they want to sell. From livestock to farm equipment, hay, manure, to a wide range of interesting items.  

Click on the photo to see what Aric has for sale right now.


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Now Taking Orders for Bulk Garlic

Our 2018 garlic harvest has produced an abundance of large succulent garlic cloves. We are now taking orders for bulk quantities. Do you need large amounts of garlic cloves for fall seeding, preserving, drying, etc? Are you a restaurant or caterer? Do you use large amounts of garlic?
Contact  Aric for pricing and availability (613-478-3876)

Grass Fed Beef 

Earth Haven Farm takes pride in raising 100% grass fed and grass finished beef.  Our small herd of purebred Scottish Highland Cattle are ethically and naturally raised on pasture year round.  We do not butcher often, but when we do our meat is in high demand. 

No GMO, No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Contact  Aric for pricing and availability (613-478-3876)

Why Do Cows Have Horns?

The answer to this question is found in the pages of our blog [In The News] plus many other informative articles by experts in the field of biodynamics, organics, permaculture, indigenous practices and more.  

A True Story from the Farm

Aric Aguonie has just published a wonderful children's story book which is based on a true event that happened here at Earth Haven Farm one winter day, between him and one of his Scottish Highland Cows.  

This 32 page storybook has been beautifully illustrated by the talented mural artist, Maureen Walton from Marysville, Ontario.


Drop by Evergreen Brickworks market in Toronto on Saturday mornings and meet Aric personally for an autographed copy.  

Kathryn (Aric's Mom) will have books available at The Village Market in Richmond Hill on Saturday mornings. 

The book is available to purchase through  Earth Haven Learning Centre, or directly from Earth Haven Farm, Contact Us.

Kathryn Aunger of Earth Haven Farm and Rosemary Tayler collaborate to publish the annual Celestial Planting Calendar.  The 2018 edition is now available for purchase through the Earth Haven Learning Centre

Check out the recommendations for applying biodynamic preparations and other information from experts like Hugh Courtney, Dennis Klocek and Gary Caton.

Educational Programs

Earth Haven Farm is proud to announce the completion of the Earth Haven Learning Centre Inc.  

This is a new building that has been constructed here at Earth Haven Farm that will allow us to process fruits and vegetables from the fields, ready for farmers markets, CSA programs and to be canned or frozen.  

This building is also the home of our new learning centre which will allow us to present educational workshops, guest speakers as well as being a physical home for our on-line book store offerings.

Visit Earth Haven Learning Centre website, sign up for the newsletter, or visit us on facebook.