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Welcome To Earth Haven Farm

Aric & Lea AguonieA 200 acre family-owned and operated subsistence farm dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle and biodynamic agricultural practices, we're located in the hamlet of Thomasburg just north of Belleville and southeast of Tweed in Ontario.

We farm biodynamically, a tradition of organic agriculture that has ancient roots and was rediscovered and first taught by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. We have been Certified Demeter Organic since 2008, with membership in the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association.

Along with our gardens of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, we pride ourselves in raising 100% grass fed beef. In addition to their flavorful high-protein and low cholesterol meat, our hardy and sweet-tempered Scottish Highland Cattle which have proven allies in helping us to clear a lot of underbrush from overgrown hedgerows and wooded pasture areas. They are truly the ideal breed for our remote farm location, topographical conditions and agricultural practices.

In our ever-evolving journey in self sufficiency, our purpose is to leave something of value behind for future generations. It is our hope and dream that not only our children and grandchildren will continue on where we leave off, but also that we will inspire others to enter into a deeper and healthier relationship with their own land base.

Contact Us to inquire about product availability, education, or helping out on the farm.

The mural in the picture above was painted by Maureen Walton who is a renowned, professional mural painter (www.maureenwalton.com).  Maureen was able to capture all the elements of Earth Haven Farm in this beautiful rendering of "Little Piece of Heaven on Earth".  The photo does not do the mural justice.

An Important Note:  Earth Haven Farm is a working farm and a private family homestead. To ensure a peaceful, healthy environment for our plants, animals and people to thrive, we do not provide Agri-Tourism entertainment.

~ Living In Balance ~